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Zandaux Grand Launch in Kenya: Pioneering African Trade with a Revolutionary B2B E-commerce Platform

Zandaux Grand Launch in Kenya: Pioneering African Trade with a Revolutionary B2B E-commerce Platform

In a historic event held on January 16th, 2024, at the prestigious Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, Zandaux, a groundbreaking B2B E-commerce platform, officially marked its entry into the African market. The grand launch not only showcased the innovative features of the platform but also highlighted its commitment to revolutionising trade across the continent. With its transformative approach, Zandaux aims to reshape the landscape of African trade by providing a seamless One-Stop trading platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive, fostering the vision of One Africa One Market.

One Africa One Market: Reshaping the Future of African Trade

Zandaux aims to be a game-changer in African trade by providing a comprehensive One Stop trading platform. The platform is designed to facilitate seamless connections, collaborations, and growth opportunities for businesses across the continent. With the tagline "One Africa One Market," Zandaux is set to empower African suppliers, offering them unprecedented access to the entire African market.

Empowering a Billion People: Zandaux's Mission and Vision

Driven by a mission to empower one billion people, Zandaux's commitment to economic growth and prosperity across Africa is evident. The platform's innovative features and dedication to inclusivity position enabling a positive change, fostering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. This positions Zandaux as a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity, setting the stage for a new era in African trade.

Key Highlights from the Nairobi Launch

1. Introductory Remarks - Dennis Reumer: CTO, Zandaux

Dennis Reumer, the Chief Technology Officer of Zandaux, set the tone for the event with his introductory remarks. He expressed Zandaux's eagerness to understand the challenges faced by African traders, emphasising their commitment to finding effective solutions. Reumer stated, "We hope to hear from African traders on the challenges they face so we can seek solutions for them." This sentiment underscores Zandaux's dedication to making market entry easier for African traders. Reumer highlighted the platform's role in offering African suppliers an unparalleled opportunity to operate within the entire African market. With a vision centred on inclusivity and accessibility, Zandaux aims to be a catalyst for breaking down barriers and facilitating seamless trade across the continent.

2. Expert Panel Discussion

The launch event featured an expert panel discussion led by distinguished speakers such as Matano Ndaro, Director of Postal and Telecom Services at the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK); Evelyn Wamae, Head of Business Development at Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade); and Ishmail Bett, CEO of the Association of Kenya Suppliers (AKS). The panel delved into the current state of B2B E-commerce in Africa, exploring opportunities, trends, and challenges.

Matano Ndaro expressed optimism about the future of B2C E-commerce on the continent, encouraging Zandaux to continue its visionary journey. Ishmail Bett extended gratitude to Zandaux for exploring the Kenyan market, recognizing the pivotal role of e-commerce in the success of businesses. Evelyn Wamae emphasised the role of smartphones in driving e-commerce adoption and highlighted the importance of data protection measures.

3. Founder's Address: Strategic Expansion and Growth Plans

In his Founder's Address, Franck Obambi Ngatse, the CEO of Zandaux, shared the company's origin story, mission, and vision. Ngatse provided insights into Zandaux's strategic expansion plans, announcing subsequent launches in three key African markets: Nigeria - Lagos, South Africa - Johannesburg, and Egypt - Cairo. These launches are scheduled for completion by the end of February, signifying Zandaux's commitment to pan-African trade. Ngatse emphasised the vast market potential within Zandaux, stating, "Anything that has a market in Kenya will have a market in the entire African continent."

Ngatse emphasised Zandaux's commitment to transparency and buyer protection. With a robust tracking system in place, the platform ensures that payments are only released to sellers after the product has arrived. This commitment addresses common challenges faced by sellers on other platforms and aims to create a secure trading environment for all participants. The CEO's address also showcased Zandaux's distinctive approach to B2B E-commerce, emphasising its commitment to empowering businesses across Africa and fostering a secure trading environment. The platform's unique features, including a robust tracking system and transparent payment processes, set it apart as a reliable and efficient partner for businesses looking to thrive in the African market.

Countdown Moment and Closing Remarks

The electrifying countdown moment marked the highlight of the Zandaux Launch, symbolising the beginning of a transformative journey in African commerce. In his closing remarks, Franck Obambi Ngatse emphasised that Zandaux is more than just a platform – it's a formula to end poverty in Africa. He expressed gratitude to the attendees, stating, "This endeavour is not just for us; it's for our communities, for our people." The launch event witnessed the presence of government agencies, associations, private sector alliances, transport and logistics companies, fintechs, financial institutions, suppliers, wholesalers, Zandaux clients, and the media.

Ngatse highlighted the imminent launches in Nigeria (Lagos - January 31st, 2024), South Africa (Johannesburg - February 14th, 2024), and Egypt (Cairo - February 29th, 2024). These launches signify Zandaux's commitment to providing a seamless and secure trading platform for businesses across the African continent.


The Zandaux Grand Launch in Kenya was a momentous occasion that signalled the beginning of a new era for African trade. As the platform expands its footprint across Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt, it is set to revolutionise the way businesses connect, collaborate, and thrive on the continent. Zandaux's commitment to empowerment, transparency, and inclusivity positions it as a driving force for economic growth in Africa. The launch, attended by government agencies, private sector alliances, and key industry players, marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards One Africa One Market.