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We are bridging the gap between the manufacturing (incl. the wholesale and distribution) and the Retail sector within Africa. We are reinventing the intra-Africa trade. is a fast-growing B2B multi-vendor E-commerce platform (startup) based in Nairobi that upholds culture and sharing at the heart of everything we do. With our holistic approach, we aim to be the world's most inclusive B2B trading platform for big, medium, and small size enterprises. We make use of the internet and new technologies to help African SMEs unlock local and cross-border trade.

 Vision and Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the world's most inclusive and inspiring e-marketplace for Micro, Small, Medium and large enterprises. 

The Purpose 

We believe that the way consumer companies and retailers source their products can greatly impact the final price to the end consumers. By purchasing their inventories at good rates through B2B online marketplace and in an efficient manner, the consumer and retailer businesses are likely to charge fair prices to their clients in return. The greatest advantage of an e-commerce platform is not only the direct link between buyers and sellers or the removal of middlemen in sales transactions but also the transparency and traceability. is committed to providing all the market participants with homogeneous information for the perfect competition to prevail and leaves no room for price speculation. 


Our Social Responsibility

Nelson Mandela once said, “there can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others”.

Everything we undertake at is built upon the foundation of our core values. Integrity, trust, Inclusion, empathy, and positive thinking… to name a few. In compliance with these core values, we are committed to providing amazing care and service not only to our people, customers, and strategic partners but also to the community. On top of our time and knowledge sharing, we offer 10% of our annual profit to finance actions aimed at reducing global poverty, starting in Africa, as part of the commitment. To make a real-life social impact through our purpose of “helping one billion people overcome poverty” we aim to inspire other organisations to consider ways to do so or just join us for an even better and greater positive impact on our communities.  

Office Locations:


Plainsview Complex 969, South B, Nairobi,

Telephone: +2540115073643                                                                                                                             

South Africa

039 Stonewood Complex, Blue Hills, Midrand, Johannesburg,

Telephone: +27788641870.


1004 Estate, Block D1-607, Lagos, Victoria Island Lagos.

Telephone: +2349063907801


Villa 22, EL Sheikh Reihan St., Downtown, Cairo

Telephone:   +201222390888