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Mbirimbi Fermented Pickle / Condiment Mbirimbi Fermented Pickle / Condiment
Mbirimbi Fermented Pickle / Condiment
Availability: In Stock
KES 250.00

Mbirimbi is a tropical tree that grows in the coastal regions. Normally the fruit cannot be eaten as it is very hard and biter, but a traditional sauce / condiment is made from it where the fruits are fermented for some time in salt and vinegar then some spices are added. 

We age the sauce then it is served with any of your normal meals. It is especially suited to roasted meats and fish, but we have customers who even add it to githeri.

The taste can be described as a chilli / tangy chutney like sauce and is very unique actually. 

It is available in Hot or MILD varieties and each jar retails at KES 450/- and is available at Wholesale for KES 250/- per jar. Prices includes VAT.

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