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           The full Zandaux technology stack is developed and designed based on the  African

            businesses' trading environment and behaviour in mind. 

       A Multi-Sellers Marketplace Powered by 2 Mobile Applications

        For A Greater Sellers Experience: 

        #Fully-Featured dashboard       

        #Discount Coupon      

        #Store and Product Reviews

        #Store Insights #Shipping Zone Management        

        #Cross-Selling feature

        #Maintenance Mode

        #User Roles With Dynamic Permissions

        #Bulk Import Inventory #Live Chat With Customers

        #Sell With Gift-Wrap or Packaging

        #Return/Refund Management

        For more features, register for free and experience the seller dashboard.                            

        Zandaux Door to Door Delivery Agent Application 

        Called “Zandaux-3DA”

        This is a mobile application designed to help sellers offer 

        affordable shipping options to their customers. 

        The seller can register an independent carrier who can 

        be a truck, pickup or motorbike owner. Once registered, 

        the independent carrier will receive the login credentials to   

        use the Zandaux-3DA application. With the Zandaux-3DA app, 

        independent carriers who generally charge a relatively lower 

        delivery cost become integrated into the whole digital sales 

        process with a trackable delivery method. 

        Here is how it works

        The seller registers the delivery agent under his/her 

        seller/vendor’s account

        The seller assigns an order to a carrier (delivery agent) 

        when a buyer makes one. The delivery agent can 

        accept or decline the assignment. 

        If accepted, the delivery agent is required to provide 

        live updates during the delivery process. Once delivered 

        the agent has the option to mark the delivery as completed. 

        This action will also be reflected in both the seller and 

        buyer dashboards as “delivery completed”

        Depending on the agreement between the buyer 

        and seller the agent will be immediately paid upon 

        delivery completion by one of the parties accordingly. 

        The delivery is, therefore, able to manage its own account 

        directly within the app. 

        For the User/Buyer Greater Experience Features Package

        #Comprehensive and robust dashboard

        #Special Discount Coupons #Store and product reviews

        #Express & Guest Checkout # Dispute and Return/Refunds 

        #Live Chat With Sellers #Social Media Logings #Wish List

        #Ajax Shopping Cart# #Advanced/Semantic Product Search 

        #Buy Gift Wrap or Packaging #Dynamic filters  

        Zandaux Mobile Application for a Maximum Buyer/User Experience

        Key Note of the App Features

        Guest Checkout

    The same guest checkout experience as on the Zandaux 

    web application version

        Communication with the seller

    The registered buyers can contact the product’s seller 

    from the product page.

        Social Logins

    Buyers/Users can register or log in easily using their 

    Facebook or Google accounts.

        Buyers/Users Dashboard

    Registered buyers/users can view their order lists, 

    and order details and leave a product or store review

        Seller and Brand Page

    The Zandaux App provides buyers or users with

     access to sellers' profiles and available brands on 

    a separate page. 

        Social Media Sharing

    Visitors/Users/Buyers can share product images on 

    all major social media available.

        Products Attributes

    Dynamic product attributes allow customers 

    to choose from available options

        Push notifications

    Buyers will receive push notifications and 

    updates regarding their purchases. 

How to Register on as a Seller/vendor

                User Manual

The following steps lead you to set up your store and start selling on 

Make sure all the steps are fully completed to ensure better visibility of both your

products and stores which are critical elements for a more extraordinary online sales experience. 

Before you start the registration process, ensure that you have the required document for

yourself as a contact person and your company ready to upload. The documents are the

following, a copy of your national ID (both sides), the company KRA PIN certificate and the

certificate of incorporation.



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