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A great description of your product
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very tangy stuff
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High Quality 2 Tier Make Up Box (Black)-MoQ 2pcs #Wholesale#Bulk#Kenya High Quality 2 Tier Make Up Box (Black)-MoQ 2pcs #Wholesale#Bulk#Kenya
High Quality 2 Tier Make Up Box (Black)-MoQ 2pcs #Wholesale#Bulk#Kenya
Availability: In Stock
KES 3,500.00

Makeup is simple to organize and transport.

light in weight and easy to clean

Colors: black, red, and rose Red, silver, and pink

PU leather is the material used.

Bag dimensions: square vertical section

Dimensions: 27*17*23cm (10.6*6.7*9in)

Kitchen storage, wash bag, bedroom storage, storage bag, bathroom storage, flower stand storage, cosmetic bag, storage bag, travel storage, makeup storage are all appropriate scenes.

Features and Advantages:

LARGE CAPACITY: Not only does the house have a duplex design, but we also have a cosmetic bag! Inside the product is a double-layer foldable tray, and you can store your cosmetology in layers to avoid space constraints when traveling.

COMPRESSION RESISTANT DURABLE: The product's exterior is made of PU leather, which is not only difficult to clean but also very attractive. The internal fabric is cashmere cloth, which has a nice texture.

DIVIDED INTO SEPARATE AREAS: The interior of this cosmetic bag is divided into three layers, giving you more choices when placing cosmetology, and you will not be distressed when you cannot find cosmetology when using it.

EASY TO CARRY: Although this cosmetic bag has a large capacity, it is not of large size. A process is set on the top of the product, which can be picked up and left when going out, which is very convenient.

SAFETY WATERPROOF: The exterior of the cosmetic is leather material, which is beautiful, but also more waterproof. The frame of the product is PVC rigid plastic, which is very strong and you will not squash it

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