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Quality Mekis Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Carrier Oil) - MOQ 1 PC #Wholesale#Bulk#Kenya
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Key Features

  • Minimum order quantity 1 piece
  • Skin nourishment
  • Gentle cleansing Scalp and hair health
  • Delivery 1-2 Days

Mekis Extra Virgin Olive Carrier Oil is a premium-grade oil derived from the cold-pressing of fresh olives. Known for its exceptional purity and rich nutrient profile, it serves as an ideal carrier oil for various applications. This oil is prized for its versatility, making it a staple in skincare, aromatherapy, and culinary uses.Here Are Some Benefits of Mekis Extra Virgin Olive Carrier Oil:
1. Skin Nourishment: Mekis Olive Oil deeply moisturizes the skin, providing essential fatty acids that promote a healthy and radiant complexion.
2. Antioxidant Protection: Its mild aroma and smooth texture make it an excellent base oil for diluting essential oils in aromatherapy practices.

3. Gentle Cleansing: The oil's natural properties make it an effective yet gentle cleanser, removing impurities without stripping the skin's natural oils.
4. Scalp and Hair Health: When applied to the scalp, it can nourish and hydrate, potentially reducing dandruff and promoting stronger, shinier hair.
5. Anti-Inflammatory: The oil's oleocanthal content exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, soothing irritation and redness when applied topically.
6. Aromatherapy Base: Its mild aroma and smooth texture make it an excellent base oil for diluting essential oils in aromatherapy practices.
7. Wound Healing:Mekis Olive Oil's natural compounds may aid in wound healing, promoting skin regeneration and minimizing scarring

8. Heart Health: Consumed as part of a balanced diet, the oil's monounsaturated fats may contribute to improved heart health and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

9. Culinary Delight: With a high smoke point and rich flavor, it's perfect for cooking and adding a wholesome touch to dishes, elevating both taste and nutritional value.

10. Hydration and Massage: Used as a massage oil, it helps relieve muscle tension and provides hydration, leaving the skin soft and supple.

How to use:

Skincare:Apply a few drops to your face and neck as a moisturizer.Use it as a makeup remover by gently massaging it onto your skin and then wiping it off with a soft cloth or cotton pad.Haircare:Massage the oil into your scalp to nourish and moisturize it.Apply a small amount to the ends of your hair to prevent split ends and add shine.

Technical Details:

Seller SKU: MEVOOIL120ml
Condition: New
Origin: Kenya
Availability: In Stock
Minimum order quantity: 1
Date first listed on Zandaux: Dec 5, 2023

1x1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 120g

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