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Quality Mekis Brightening Bentonite Clay With Turmeric -120g -MOQ 1 PC #Wholesale#Bulk#Kenya
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Key Features

  • Minimum order quantity 1 piece
  • 1 * Mekis bentonite clay with Turmeric
  • Weight (kg): 0.12
  • Delivery 1-2 Days

Product details

What is Mekis Sodium bentonite clay with Turmeric, and who is it specifically for?

This is perfect combo consist of sodium bentonaite clay and turmeric for skin lightening and revealing glow.

Turmeric is considered to be a potent ingredient for skin lightening and revealing glow.

It is a powerful antioxidant ingredient that can reduce dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

It absorbs dirt and oil from the skin and helps cleanse oily, acne-prone skin.

It nourishes skin by balancing oil production, removing dead skin cells, clearing clogged pores, and fighting bacteria.

When combined with water and left to dry on the skin as a mask, it is able to bind to bacteria and toxins.

It can help to remove these substances from the surface of the skin and within pores, helping to reduce breakouts.

Suitable for oily ,acne prone skin

How often should you use this combo?

After testing your skin’s reaction, you can use our combo on your skin (or hair) several times per week for best results.

How to use

To make a facial mask, mix 2-3 tablespoons of this combo with equal amounts water ,Mekis apple cider vinegar or Mekis Rose water

Apply the mixture in a thick but even layer to the face, and allow it to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

It should feel tight and slightly tingly. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

For best results, use once or twice a week.

Technical Details:

Seller SKU: MBBCT -120g
Condition: New
Origin: Kenya
Availability: In Stock
Minimum order quantity: 1
Date first listed on Zandaux: Dec 1, 2023


  • ·         Adds Natural Glow To Your Skin.
  • ·         Treats Acne Breakouts.
  • ·         Helps With Atopic Dermatitis.
  • ·         Slows Down Skin Ageing.
  • ·         Helps With Psoriasis.
  • ·         Reduces Dark Circles.
  • ·         Deeply cleansing to pores.
  • ·         Removes blackheads.
  • ·         Relieves skin impurities.
  • ·         Detoxifying and purifying.
  • ·         Shrink pores

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