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Villa households Kenya /Nairobi Fitness Hub
Quality Electric Grain Grinder (KISIAGI MILLER) -MOQ 2pcs#Bulk#Wholesale#Kenya
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Key Features

  • Minimum Order Quantity 2pcs
  • Electric Cereal Grain/herb Grinder Powerful 800 gms
  • 34000r/min
  • Mill Pulverizer Powder Machine Seed Grinder for Spices, Herbs, Coffee grains, all kinds of dried cereals
  • Stainless steel Multifunctional Swing Grinder
  • Plug and useStainless steel Multifunctional Swing Grinder
  • Order today and we'll deliver in just 1-2 days

Introducing the FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI, an efficient and reliable electric cereal grain/herb grinder designed to meet all your milling needs. This powerful appliance is specifically tailored for customers in Kenya, ensuring that it perfectly caters to your local requirements and preferences.


The FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to provide you with a seamless grinding experience. With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this grinder is built to last, making it an excellent investment for both household and commercial use in Kenya.


Key Features:

Electric Convenience: The FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI is an electric grinder, eliminating the need for manual effort. Simply plug it into a power source, and you’re ready to go. This feature ensures quick and effortless grinding, allowing you to save time and energy.


Versatile Grinding Options: Whether you need to grind cereals, grains, or herbs, the FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI can handle it all. It offers a wide range of grinding options, allowing you to obtain the desired consistency for various purposes, such as making flour, preparing animal feed, or grinding herbs for culinary and medicinal use.


High Grinding Capacity: Equipped with a powerful motor and sharp blades, this miller delivers efficient grinding performance. It can process large quantities of grains or herbs in a short amount of time, making it suitable for both small-scale and commercial milling operations.


Adjustable Grinding Settings: The FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI allows you to adjust the grinding settings to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer fine or coarse grinding, you can easily customize the settings to achieve the desired texture and coarseness for your ingredients.


Easy to Clean and Maintain: Cleaning the FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI is a breeze. It features a detachable design, allowing you to disassemble and clean the components with ease. This ensures proper hygiene and prevents the accumulation of residues, ensuring the longevity of the machine.


Compact and Space-Saving: The compact design of the FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI makes it ideal for use in kitchens with limited space. It can be conveniently stored when not in use, occupying minimal countertop or storage space.


In summary, the FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI is a top-quality electric cereal grain/herb grinder specifically designed for the Kenyan market. With its versatility, efficiency, and ease of use, it enables you to achieve finely ground ingredients for a variety of culinary and other applications. Invest in the FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI and experience the convenience and satisfaction of freshly ground ingredients in your kitchen or commercial establishment in Kenya for maize Flour.

Technical Details:

Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Minimum order quantity: 2
Date first listed on Zandaux: Sep 11, 2023

RESTOCKED! FLOUR MILLER KISIAGI, Electric Cereal Grain/herb Grinder

Powerful 800 gms

▪️ 34000r/min

▪️ Mill Pulverizer Powder Machine Seed Grinder for Spices, Herbs, Coffee grains, all kinds of dried cereals

▪️Stainless steel Multifunctional Swing Grinder

▪️Plug and use


Ksh 14500/=


High quality is guaranteed

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Villa households Kenya /Nairobi Fitness Hub

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