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Villa households Kenya /Nairobi Fitness Hub
Quality 3 Gas+1 Hot Plate Cooker -MOQ 2pcs#Bulk#Wholesale#Kenya
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Key Features

  • Minimum Order Quantity 2pcs
  • 3 Gas+1 Hot Plate
  • Has gas burner, hot plate and electric oven
  • Order today and we'll deliver in just 1-2 days

The Item3 Gas+1 Hot Plate is a top-of-the-line cooking appliance that combines the convenience of gas burners and a hot plate in a single unit. This high-quality product is designed to meet the needs of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts who value efficiency and performance in their kitchen.

Very Heavy Grills

One standout feature of this gas+1 hot plate is its very heavy grills, which are designed to withstand intense heat and provide excellent durability. These grills ensure even heat distribution and are capable of handling large quantities of food, making it ideal for cooking in commercial settings or for preparing meals for a large family.

Electric Oven

In addition to the gas burners and hot plate, this appliance also features an electric oven. The electric oven offers the convenience of precise temperature control and even baking. With a size of 60X60, it provides ample space for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously, making it suitable for various culinary tasks.

Efficient Gas Consumption

The Item3 Gas+1 Hot Plate is equipped with a pool burner and jet valve, which are designed to optimize gas consumption. This feature ensures efficient use of gas while delivering powerful heat for quick and consistent cooking results. It allows you to save on energy costs without compromising on performance.

Turbo Fan and Rotisserie Mechanical

The electric oven of this gas+1 hot plate comes with a turbo fan, enhancing the circulation of hot air for faster and more even cooking. The inclusion of a rotisserie mechanical feature adds versatility, allowing you to prepare delicious roasted meats and poultry effortlessly.

Timer, Thermostat, Oven Lamp, and Double Glass Oven Door

The appliance is equipped with various user-friendly features, including a timer and thermostat for precise cooking control, an oven lamp for easy monitoring of your dishes, and a double glass oven door (145mm) that provides excellent insulation and safety.

Glass-Top, Baking Pan, and Auto Ignition

The gas burners and hot plate feature a sleek glass-top design, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The package includes a baking pan, perfect for baking cakes, casseroles, and other oven dishes. The auto ignition feature ensures quick and hassle-free lighting of the gas burners and hot plate.

Storage Compartment and Brand

The Item3 Gas+1 Hot Plate also includes a convenient storage compartment, allowing you to keep your cookware and accessories organized and within easy reach. It is proudly manufactured by BJs, a trusted brand known for its commitment to producing high-quality kitchen appliances.

Technical Details:

Seller SKU: VH3G1HPC
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Minimum order quantity: 2
Date first listed on Zandaux: Aug 30, 2023

The Item3 Gas+1 Hot Plate is a top-quality cooking appliance with gas burners, a hot plate, and an electric oven. It features heavy grills, efficient gas consumption, a turbo fan, rotisserie mechanical, and user-friendly controls. Get it now at a discounted price.

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Villa households Kenya /Nairobi Fitness Hub

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