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Covertora Memet 2.5×12 - Bulk Purchase | MOQ (20 foot Container)
In Stock
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Indulge in the rich and satisfying taste of Memet Plain Chocolate, a premium confectionery crafted for chocolate enthusiasts seeking pure cocoa goodness. Each piece of Memet Plain Chocolate embodies the essence of fine chocolate-making traditions, delivering a smooth texture and deep cocoa flavor that delights the senses.

Made from the finest ingredients, Memet Plain Chocolate is perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity and richness of pure chocolate. Whether enjoyed as a decadent snack, melted into hot cocoa, or used in baking recipes, its versatile taste promises to elevate every culinary creation.

Technical Details:

UPC: 111111126
Seller SKU: adi-111127
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Minimum order quantity: 1
Date first listed on Zandaux: Jun 20, 2024

Packaged to preserve freshness and quality, Memet Plain Chocolate ensures a delightful chocolate experience with every bite. Share the joy of this luxurious treat with friends and family, or savor it solo for a moment of indulgence that satisfies even the most discerning chocolate lover.

Discover why Memet Plain Chocolate is cherished for its superior quality and uncompromising flavor. With its rich cocoa profile and smooth texture, Memet Plain Chocolate brings a touch of luxury to every chocolate moment.

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