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cologne cologne
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ZAR 135.00

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USD 7.39

BLACKRED - Wild After Shave Cologne Mystic

From Head to Toe: Black&Red Eau de Cologne for Men

A man's post-shave ritual is the key to feeling refreshed, confident, and captivating. Black&Red Eau de Cologne offers a truly unique experience in men's post-shave care. Here are the special features of the post-shave experience you'll have with Black&Red:

Rich Variety of Essences: Black&Red Eau de Cologne presents you with seven different colors and essences of cologne that will captivate you when applied to your post-shave skin. Refreshing citrus notes, sophisticated woody scents, and spicy essences provide options for every taste. Choose the perfect option for the freshness of the morning or the allure of the evening.

Soothing and Revitalizing the Skin: Black&Red Eau de Cologne is specially formulated to gently soothe and revitalize your post-shave skin. It alleviates irritation on the skin and provides post-shave comfort. Thanks to its tightening effect, your skin appears healthier and more energetic.

Torso-Shaped Packaging: Black&Red Eau de Cologne stands out with its design in the shape of a torso, a symbol of elegance and masculinity. The stylish and masculine packaging indicates that you are ready for any occasion and becomes a prominent decorative piece in your bathroom.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: Black&Red Eau de Cologne provides long-lasting freshness and a pleasant scent throughout the day. This is designed to leave an unforgettable impression on your special moments and daily life.

Express Yourself: Each color and essence is an opportunity to reflect your personality and style. Think about which color and fragrance combination you will choose to express yourself.

Elevate your post-shave care with Black&Red Eau de Cologne. Representing the symbols of masculinity and confidence, these colognes make you feel special every day. Black&Red, bringing together quality, diversity, and elegance, represents an indispensable choice in men's post-shave care.

What's in the box

1 x BLACKRED - Wild After Shave Cologne Mystic

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Areej Aromatherapy Natural Deodorant & Moisturizer|Bulk Purchase | MOQ 60 Pieces Areej Aromatherapy Natural Deodorant & Moisturizer|Bulk Purchase | MOQ 60 Pieces
Areej Aromatherapy Natural Deodorant & Moisturizer|Bulk Purchase | MOQ 60 Pieces
Availability: In Stock

100% natural deodorant & moisturizer made with Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Has an antiperspirant effect without blocking sweat glands, & also works as a great moisturizer.

Free from Aluminum

Free from Parabens

Free from Sulfates Free from Alcohol

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Fragrance & Deodorant

Fragrance & Deodorant