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Zandaux's Unique Role in The B2B E-commerce Environment in Kenya

Zandaux's Unique Role in The B2B E-commerce Environment in Kenya

What is B2B E-commerce?

B2B eCommerce, or business-to-business electronic commerce, is the commercial exchange of goods or services through a digital portal between businesses, devoid of the proverbial middleman. Because orders are processed digitally, buying and selling efficiency and effectiveness are improved for wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other types of B2B sellers as well as buyers which often are retail businesses and other bulk buyers. This makes the entire sales process cheaper and seamless for both parties. 

The E-commerce ecosystem in Kenya has developed significantly over the past few years, particularly among small and medium businesses in the retail sector. However, the market lacks a module that provides B2B buyers with factory prices, bulk prices, and wholesale prices for both FMCG and FMCD goods –  and this is where the Zandaux e-commerce platform comes in.

Roles of Zandaux in The B2B E-commerce Environment in Kenya is a fast-growing B2B multi-vendor E-commerce platform (startup) based in Nairobi. We uphold culture and sharing at the heart of everything we do. With our holistic approach, we aim to be the world's most inclusive B2B trading platform for big, medium, and small size enterprises. 

But what makes us stand out from other e-commerce marketplaces?

Direct connectivity

Zandaux offers vendors(producers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors) an open and inclusive trade ecosystem across the entire value chain.  The Zandaux B2B module is designed to offer them a platform/marketplace to sell their goods in bulk DIRECTLY to other manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retail businesses, and bulk buyers in Kenya at original prices (factory, wholesale, distribution, or bulk price).

Through this, the platform is not only removing middlemen in sales and trade transactions but also providing transparency and traceability. We believe that the way consumer companies and retailers source their products can greatly impact the final price to the end consumers. By purchasing their inventories directly from the source at the original price (factory and wholesale prices) through, the consumer and retailer businesses are likely to charge fair prices to their clients in return. 

Direct communication link/channel

It's no secret how difficult it can be to access big companies/producers and to find time to start negotiating Order Quantity and Price. However, with this is all in the past. B2B buyers now have unprecedented means to first scan the entire market for the goods they are looking to source before making a decision to buy. 

With a simple login, retailers and bulk buyers can reach a manufacturer/vendor of their choosing from any part of Kenya and make inquiries about the goods they are interested in acquiring. Through the chat box on the platform, users can negotiate the minimum order quantity (MOQ), factory or wholesale prices, and goods delivery of choice. This saves time and resources that could be used in meeting physically with a vendor and going through all the logistics processes.

Direct Payment

Unlike most eCommerce platforms the marketplace does not get in between the vendor and the buyer buying process. The platform acts as a link connecting both the buyer and the seller. What this means is that when a buyer purchases merchandise from a vendor who is a wholesaler or factorythe funds go to the vendor account directly. The order fulfillment is handled by the vendor’s sales team which has access to the fully featured dashboard designed to digitalize their entire sales process. is committed to providing all the market participants with homogeneous information for the perfect competition to prevail and leaves no room for price speculation. 


These are critical elements that will help expand market access, bring operational efficiencies, and shape success for millions of small producers and distributors across Kenya. The intuitive and user-friendly platform that is available as both a mobile phone app as well as a web-based app also brings the power of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning into play. This together with a specialized logistics app (Zandaux 3DA) for service delivery helps Zandaux promote businesses and all this trickles down to provide more jobs and eradicate poverty in Kenya and Africa.