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Zandaux Grand Launch in Nigeria: A Transformative Leap Towards "One Africa, One Market"

Zandaux Grand Launch in Nigeria: A Transformative Leap Towards "One Africa, One Market"

In a groundbreaking event held at the prestigious Lagos Continental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, Zandaux marked its grand launch on January 31st, 2024. The event echoed the theme "One Africa, One Market," underscoring Zandaux's commitment to revolutionising African business connectivity and fostering a vibrant and interconnected marketplace across the continent.

Zandaux, which recently made waves with its successful debut in Kenya, received widespread acclaim for its intuitive interface, robust features, and dedication to promoting collaboration and driving innovation in the business ecosystem. The platform stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a cutting-edge B2B E-commerce platform designed to empower businesses across Africa.

The grand launch in Nigeria was a significant step towards reshaping the landscape of African trade. Zandaux aims to provide a seamless One Stop trading platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and thrive across the continent, following the mantra of "One Africa, One Market." With a mission to empower one billion people, Zandaux presents African suppliers with unparalleled opportunities to operate within the entire African market.

Key Highlights of the Nigeria Launch

1.  Introductory Remarks by Dennis Reumer - CTO Zandaux

Dennis Reumer, the Chief Technology Officer of Zandaux, emphasised the platform's mission to improve accessibility to the African market, addressing the poverty circumstances that have historically plagued the continent. The goal is to make Zandaux the world's most inclusive B2B marketplace, lowering barriers to entry, easing cross-border payments, and solving logistical challenges for businesses within Africa.

2.  Keynote Remarks - "The Future of B2B Commerce in Africa"

Gabriel Idahosa, President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, highlighted Zandaux's launch as a symbolic step toward a future where historical boundaries restricting African commerce are eliminated. He applauded Zandaux for its transformative potential in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, especially considering the anticipated dominance of millennials in the African workforce by 2030.

3.  Expert Panel Insights

The expert panel brought together influential voices from diverse sectors, including Tolulope Olukokun (CEO, Thinkbikes Limited), Adeshina Adewumi (CEO, Trade Lenda), Bunmi Kole Dawodu (Lagos State Manager, SMEDAN), and Branice Mayienga (CEO, Africa Resource Connect), provided insights into the challenges and opportunities in intra-African trade. They commended Zandaux for its role in overcoming hurdles and propelling economic growth.

Tolulope Olukokun highlighted Zandaux's ability to overcome challenges in intra-African trade, particularly in logistics and currency exchange, unlocking untapped potential within the continent. Adeshina Adewumi emphasised the pivotal role of technology in enabling digital transformation, commending Zandaux for propelling economic growth in Africa through international cross-border trade. Bunmi Kole Dawodu advocated for strong Public-Private Partnerships, connecting Zandaux's mission to the broader African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agenda. Branice Mayienga expressed excitement about the globalisation of B2B platforms, noting that Zandaux offers an opportunity to explore new markets and engage with a global customer base.

4.  Founder’s Address by Franck Obambi - CEO of Zandaux

Franck Obambi, the CEO of Zandaux, shared the inspiration behind the platform, identifying inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the supply chain. He emphasised Zandaux's role in tapping into untapped opportunities for seamless trading across the continent. In his closing, Franck highlighted Zandaux's mission to end poverty in Africa, envisioning it as more than just a platform but a transformative force in people's lives.

The Road Ahead

The resounding success of the Nigeria launch sets the stage for Zandaux's expansion into South Africa and Egypt within the first quarter of the year. The event was attended by various stakeholders, including government agencies, associations of manufacturers and suppliers, private sector alliances, transport and logistics companies, fintechs and financial institutions, suppliers and wholesalers, innovation hubs, and the media.

In conclusion, Zandaux's grand launch in Nigeria marks a pivotal moment in African business connectivity, propelling the continent towards a future of seamless trade and collaboration under the banner of "One Africa, One Market." The platform's innovative features, commitment to sustainability, and inclusivity position it as a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity across Africa.