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What is Zandaux b2b ecommerce website?

What is Zandaux b2b ecommerce website?

Did you know you can sell your merchandise at your factory/wholesale or bulk price across all parts of Kenya & Africa? is a B2B e-commerce platform with a holistic strategy that connects sellers (manufacturing, wholesale, or distributors) to their buyers (often retailers businesses, or institutional buyers) — To perform trading and sales transactions directly and seamlessly with a better customer experience.

This enables start-ups and large-scale businesses to enhance their revenue through an online customer base (not only in Kenya but all over Africa). It also provides manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with a ready market to sell their merchandise at wholesale prices.

With the ongoing expansion of technology in all aspects of our lives today, we can't ignore that it has also significantly impacted business. In today's world, b2b ecommerce sites have become one of the significant ways consumers acquire products from the markets overwhelmingly in the retail sector. However, what does this mean for B2B producers and wholesalers?

Marketers have always emphasized the importance of e-commerce, and they have been proven right. According to a statistical study, during the pandemic, there was a massive acceleration in online sales and retail sales went down by 6.2% by 2020. Retailers experienced an enormous fall of over 50% during that period. Online sales increased massively while in-store buying was declining at the same time.

There are a variety of benefits an online B2B marketplace in Kenya has to offer. With the Zandaux b2b ecommerce website you can set up an online shop For free! – and sell online, serve customers in uncertain times, increase brand reach, and create a strong stream of revenue. 

If you’re ready to sell online, dive in with me!

What Does Do?

Zandaux is an online business-to-business marketplace in Kenya that offers B2B solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Sighting the big gap in the B2B marketplace in Kenya, helps connect producers with a vast market of bulk buyers and retailers for their merchandise. 

The platform's hyper-personalized experience for buyers and sellers has made doing business a lot easier and more efficient. Any Kenyan factory, distributor, or producer can make commercial connections with a bulk buyer of another business anywhere and anytime they want. 

The hyper-personalized multi-vendor digital marketplace works this way✅

When you think of companies like Amazon, AliExpress, Netflix, Spotify, or Youtube, they've all personalized your shopping and entertainment experience. This is done by piecing together your choices, preferences, history, feedback, or mood to improve the user experience and entertainment.

We've done just that. By integrating these aspects in our b2b ecommerce website, we improve user engagement and overall experience when connecting producers (manufacturing, wholesale, distribution) to their buyers (often retailers or institutional buyers).

With this, the platform aims to provide a source of supplies for every kind and size of business from different parts of the world – and have a significant impact on the economy of Kenya.

How It Works for a Vendor/Merchant

  1. Open a merchant account (1-Year for free)

With a simple free sign-up, you can have access to your store and start setting up your personalized shop, list your products, manage your stock quantities, list the delivery service and charges, and so on... 

  1. Get Verified as a Merchant

This step only requires 3 documents(for credibility & buyer protection), which are:

  • The company KRA Pin.

  • The company or organization's business certificate.

  • An ID copy of the individual opening the account who will be the admin.

  1. List your product’s catalogue, unit price, and minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The main goal is to sell and sell and sell… and this helps you list your product catalogue in your shop. Sighting that you're selling goods in bulk, you can set the min-order quantity of your products and the wholesale price.

  1. Set your Bank and M-Pesa account details

This is important as buyers will only be able to buy your products with it. The platform offers two payment options, which are bank and Mpesa. Once this is done, you can start selling all over Kenya (and to any other market of your interest).


E-commerce is a need for business owners in this digital age. To compete in the market and effectively target your consumers, you must have a strong e-commerce presence. A large number of consumers are possibly waiting for your products that aren’t available online yet. You will never be able to achieve your business objectives if your items are unavailable to your target market. To move up the success ladder, it will be preferable if you switch your firm to e-commerce.

Sign up for free today and sell your merchandise to a ready market!