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How Zandaux is Helping the business to business suppliers in Kenya

How Zandaux is Helping the business to business suppliers in Kenya

A business to business supplier or B2B vendor is a company that specializes in providing goods or services to other companies. In a typical business to business transaction, the parties involved are individual companies whereby there is a seller and a buyer. In Kenya, the business to business suppliers market is highly diversified. It comprises actors such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, producers, importers and exporters, dealers, and retailers. Depending on the actual circumstances, each of these actors can be a buyer or a seller. What characterizes typical business to business transactions is the size of the orders as the vendors mostly sell in bulk to the buyers. 

In Kenya, most of these market participants vary between small and medium size companies meaning the average order size is most of the time not very big. The market is dominated by small business wholesale suppliers who focus on supplying small retailers in a limited geographic area. These small-scale wholesalers usually are either importers or local dealers who get supplied by importers and supply smaller retailers in turn. Recently, many e-commerce companies have entered this sector in order to make it easy and simple for small retailers to purchase supplies. They have become the most resourceful platform when looking for small business wholesale suppliers near me.

How Zandaux is Reshaping the business to business suppliers Market

The Zandaux digital platform is designed for one purpose: to help buyers directly acquire supplies from the seller without a third party. The informal sector of the economy is always the most price sensitive just because these retailers are those who deal directly with the end consumers. If they acquire the supplier at a reduced cost they are likely to charge a lower price to the end buyer. The platform is therefore an ideal trading tool for wholesale suppliers for retailers. If the wholesale suppliers for resellers were to connect with their buyers digitally for a seamless sales process, then the transactions would become much easier and lower cost. 

On Zandaux, local retailers now have an opportunity to search and find wholesale suppliers online to directly engage with. One just needs to search for small business wholesale suppliers near me to have their supply delivered to their doorstep by the wholesale suppliers online. By providing wholesale suppliers for retailers with an interface to directly handle retailers' inquiries, Zandaux is significantly contributing to reducing the transaction costs in B2B sales transactions. Another important advantage for wholesale suppliers for resellers is that they can reach customers beyond their initial geographical business zone by opening a B2B store on Zandaux.