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Advantages of marketplace ecommerce platforms in Kenya and Africa

Advantages of marketplace ecommerce platforms in Kenya and Africa

Marketplace eCommerce platforms are online shopping portals that involve multiple sellers and a diverse range of products. They provide sellers with an opportunity to sell their products online without having to set up their own internal webshop. On the marketplace, a typical sales transaction involves both seller and buyer directly but also the platform administrator who makes sure the transaction runs smoothly. In this article, we will focus simply on the b2b online eCommerce platforms where the buyer and seller are both businesses and one party supplies the other. 

Some advantages of Selling on marketplace eCommerce platforms for a manufacturer, producer, wholesaler, or any bulk seller include the following. 

  • Greater Brand Awareness: an online eCommerce marketplace is like a 24/7 exhibition space with multiple companies showcasing their products. Having your products listed on such a platform is a greater way to have your brand recognized in the market. In the b2b sector, familiarity is very important, the more your products are showcased on the site, the more familiar the platform’s users will become not only to one product but to all your listed products.  

  • Access to a New range of Customers:  the thing with marketplace eCommerce platforms is their popularity amongst customers as they offer visitors a convenient way to compare products and prices from one source. When joining an online eCommerce marketplace platform a seller will automatically enjoy access to a brand new pool of buyers.

  • Reduced Marketing Budget: Compared to other sales channels, the marketplace eCommerce platform offers a reduced marketing cost. In order to attract more visitors the platform invests heavily in marketing. All sellers have to do is to have their presence and enjoy a wider exposure beyond what they would reach if they would do it on their 


Opportunities to Reach Overseas Markets: In Kenya, the decision-makers are concerned with how to create the demand for locally made products both at home and across borders within Africa. Well, one could comfortably argue that the solution is right here. The only thing the manufacturers, producers, and all other bulk sellers have to do is to open a store on a B2b online eCommerce marketplace. On digital marketplace platforms like Zandaux, sellers will have to define for themselves whether they sell only within Kenya or to all chosen African countries or internationally. To create the demand for products in any market, the best and most efficient way is to provide that market with full visibility and access to that product including a simple payment and checkout option. Today marketplace eCommerce platforms are equipped with these tools. Therefore, using platforms like Zandaux today would make Kenyan products available in all African markets.