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How Zandaux has Become a Key b2b platform for wholesale in Kenya

How Zandaux has Become a Key b2b platform for wholesale in Kenya

The term b2b which is shortened for business-to-business highlights business models that focuses on the commercial exchange between two different entities. In the last two decades with the worldwide adoption of internet technology which has fundamentally disrupted both consumer and company purchasing behavior, the term has become associated with buying and selling online. In general, sales transactions between two companies where one is a buyer and the other a seller consists of wholesale and bulk prices.

In the Kenyan market, the entities which provide a b2b platform for wholesale are often manufacturers, producers, distributors, importers, and exporters of all sorts of goods ranging from soft to hard commodities. Many of these actors provide their customers with either a digital portal (company internal web shops) to place orders or a traditional physical store. Only recently several third parties have entered the sector by providing solutions for digitalized wholesale b2b platforms in the market. Although, almost all these b2b e-commerce platforms are b2b retailers who supply small retail businesses locally. 

Zandaux as a b2b platform for wholesale in Kenya

Unlike other local solutions for wholesale b2b platforms, Zandaux is a unique model today. With its holistic approach, Zandaux’s b2b platform for wholesale provides local manufacturers, producers, suppliers, distributors, importers, and exporters with a digital interface through which they can seamlessly serve b2b shoppers 24/7. The Kenyan-based start-up's multi-vendor e-commerce solution is a wholesale b2b platform where sellers directly connect with buyers without a third party. This is the only b2b platform for wholesale in Africa where manufacturers sell the factory price and the wholesalers sell their own fixed prices. In turn, the B2B buyers purchase goods and services at the seller's original price.

Zandaux seeks to become the African wholesale b2b platform that provides the continent's manufacturers, producers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, importers, and exporters with full access to other countries' markets. A typical multi-vendor e-commerce platform is not only a tool that connects buyers and sellers to perform trade transactions. Beyond supporting activities of buying and selling, the Zandaux B2B platform for wholesale is designed the provide businesses with many benefits. It is an equivalent portal for the dedicated market as well as industry-specific information, product listing, and space for testing and launching new products.