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First Aid Kit Regulaion 3 With Metal Box First Aid Kit Regulaion 3 With Metal Box
First Aid Kit Regulaion 3 With Metal Box
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 767.00

A standard First Aid Kit Regulation with a metal box is a vital piece of safety equipment, designed to provide essential medical supplies for emergencies. Encased in a sturdy metal container, often with a hinged lid for easy access, this kit is built to withstand various environments. The exterior is typically marked with a bright red cross symbol, making it easily recognizable in times of need. Opening the kit reveals neatly organized compartments, each housing a range of supplies such as bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, scissors, tweezers, gloves, and possibly a CPR mask. The metal box not only protects these supplies from damage but also ensures their longevity. Whether in a workplace, vehicle, or home, this regulated First Aid Kit stands ready to provide swift and effective care in unexpected situations, promoting safety and well-being.

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First Aid Refill Regulation 3 First Aid Refill Regulation 3
First Aid Refill Regulation 3
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 280.80

First Aid Refill Regulations ensure that workplaces and public spaces maintain adequate and up-to-date first aid supplies. These regulations outline the necessary items, quantities, and storage requirements to effectively respond to emergencies. Essential supplies like bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, and gloves must be readily available and regularly checked for expiration dates. The regulations often mandate specific quantities based on the size and nature of the workplace or public area, ensuring that there are enough supplies to address common injuries and emergencies. Regular inspections and audits are typically required to ensure compliance, promoting a safe and prepared environment for any unexpected medical situations. These regulations serve as a crucial guideline to safeguard the well-being of employees, visitors, and the general public, emphasizing the importance of proactive and accessible first aid measures.

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Empty Metal Box for First Aid Empty Metal Box for First Aid
Empty Metal Box for First Aid
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 468.00

The empty metal box for first aid is a sturdy and essential piece of safety equipment, designed to securely store medical supplies for emergencies. Crafted from durable metal, its exterior is smooth with rounded edges, ensuring safe handling. The box features a hinged lid that opens easily, revealing a spacious interior that can accommodate various first aid essentials. Inside, there are compartments and dividers, allowing for organized storage of bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, scissors, and other necessary items. The box is marked with the universally recognized symbol for first aid, making it instantly recognizable in times of need. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it portable and ideal for homes, workplaces, or travel, providing peace of mind knowing that essential medical supplies are readily accessible.

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Motorist First Aid Kit Motorist First Aid Kit
Motorist First Aid Kit
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 319.80

The Motorist First Aid Kit is an essential companion for every driver, providing peace of mind and preparedness on the road. This compact yet comprehensive kit is designed to handle a range of minor emergencies that can occur during travels. Housed in a durable, easy-to-access case, it includes an assortment of supplies such as adhesive bandages in various sizes, antiseptic wipes for cleaning wounds, sterile gauze pads for dressing injuries, adhesive tape for securing bandages, and disposable gloves for hygienic care. Additionally, the kit contains scissors for cutting bandages and other materials, along with tweezers for removing splinters or debris. With its compact size, it fits neatly in a glove compartment or under a seat, ready to assist with unexpected bumps and scrapes that may arise while on the road. Whether it's a small cut, bruise, or minor burn, the Motorist First Aid Kit equips drivers with the essentials to swiftly address injuries and continue their journey safely.

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Valve Lockout Device 25-65mm Valve Lockout Device 25-65mm
Valve Lockout Device 25-65mm
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 65.00

A Valve Lockout Device is a critical safety tool used in industrial settings to ensure the isolation and security of valves. Typically constructed from durable materials like tough plastics or metals, these devices are designed to fit securely over valve handles or levers, preventing unauthorized operation. They come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types of valves, from small ones in pipelines to large industrial valves. The purpose is straightforward yet essential: to protect workers from accidental valve opening during maintenance, repair, or lockout procedures. By physically blocking access to the valve's controls, these devices add an extra layer of safety to hazardous environments, helping to prevent spills, leaks, and other potentially dangerous situations. Some advanced models may be lockable with padlocks, further enhancing their security features. Overall, a Valve Lockout Device is a crucial component in industrial safety protocols, ensuring that workers can perform their tasks confidently and securely.

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Fire Blanket 2 x 2m Fire Blanket 2 x 2m
Fire Blanket 2 x 2m
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 230.10

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small fires quickly and efficiently. Typically made from fire-resistant materials like fiberglass, it is a large piece of fabric that can be easily and swiftly draped over a fire to smother it. When a fire occurs, the blanket is pulled from its container, and its ample size allows it to cover flames effectively, cutting off the fire's oxygen supply and extinguishing it. Fire blankets are commonly found in kitchens, workshops, and laboratories, offering a simple yet effective means of tackling fires before they escalate. Their compact size and ease of use make them essential additions to any fire safety kit, providing peace of mind and a swift response to potential emergencies.

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Fire Blanket 1 x 50m Fire Blanket 1 x 50m
Fire Blanket 1 x 50m
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 2,744.30

The Fire Blanket 1 x 50m is a vital safety tool designed to swiftly and effectively smother fires, offering peace of mind in homes, workplaces, and industrial settings. Measuring an ample 1 meter in width and an impressive 50 meters in length, this durable blanket is crafted from flame-retardant materials, ensuring its reliability during emergencies. Its generous size enables it to swiftly and completely cover flames, cutting off their oxygen supply and extinguishing them efficiently. The vivid red color makes it easily identifiable in times of crisis, while the compact design allows for convenient storage in kitchens, workshops, or vehicles. With its straightforward deployment, the Fire Blanket 1 x 50m stands as a dependable ally in fire safety, ready to protect against unexpected blazes with its ample coverage and robust construction.

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Barrier Fence 1x 50m/ Roll ( Orange ) HDPE Barrier Fence 1x 50m/ Roll ( Orange ) HDPE
Barrier Fence 1x 50m/ Roll ( Orange ) HDPE
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 280.80

The Barrier Fence 1x50m/Roll in vibrant orange hue is a robust solution designed to define and secure spaces with clarity and durability. Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this fence stands tall at a height of 1 meter, stretching across a generous 50 meters per roll. Its striking orange color ensures visibility even from a distance, making it ideal for construction sites, events, or hazardous areas. Resistant to weathering and wear, this fence provides a formidable barrier, deterring unwanted access while remaining lightweight and easy to install. Whether demarcating boundaries or ensuring safety, the Barrier Fence 1x50m/Roll in orange HDPE offers a reliable, long-lasting solution for various applications.

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Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m x 50mic (Yellow & Black) Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m x 50mic (Yellow & Black)
Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m x 50mic (Yellow & Black)
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 91.00

The Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m x 50mic in vibrant yellow and bold black is a versatile tool designed to effectively demarcate hazardous or restricted areas with clarity and efficiency. With dimensions of 75mm width and an impressive length of 500 meters, this tape ensures comprehensive coverage for any given area, enhancing safety protocols in various environments. Crafted from durable materials with a thickness of 50 microns, it offers resilience against environmental elements, ensuring longevity in both indoor and outdoor applications. The striking yellow and black color combination serves as a universally recognized warning signal, effectively drawing attention to potential dangers or restricted zones. Whether utilized in construction sites, crime scenes, or event management, this Barrier Tape stands as a reliable visual aid, promoting safety awareness and delineating boundaries with utmost effectiveness.

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Pinnacle WAK Camo Auto Darkening Helmet Pinnacle WAK Camo Auto Darkening Helmet
Pinnacle WAK Camo Auto Darkening Helmet
Availability: In Stock
ZAR 540.80
  1. Model: Pinnacle WAK Camo Auto Darkening Helmet
  2. Design: Camouflage pattern design for outdoor applications
  3. Auto Darkening: Features auto-darkening lens technology for optimal visibility in various welding conditions
  4. Adjustable Settings: Adjustable sensitivity and delay settings for personalized comfort and control
  5. Lightweight: Constructed with lightweight materials for reduced fatigue during extended use
  6. Comfort: Padded interior and adjustable headgear for enhanced comfort and secure fit
  7. Wide Viewing Area: Large viewing area for improved visibility and precision during welding tasks
  8. Safety Standards: Complies with ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN379 safety standards for eye protection
  9. Battery Powered: Powered by replaceable lithium batteries for long-lasting performance
  10. Versatile: Suitable for various welding processes including MIG, TIG, stick, and plasma cutting.
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